AARP Cheat Sheet: Tuesday, October 26

" Caren knew her mother was sentimental about the sea, but certainly never thought she'd approve of body art, much less be inspired to get her own tattoo. She's a proper New England woman, after all."
Good morning. Hope you aren't fans of the Dallas Cowboys.
Downside of getting to spacewalk? Losing your fingernails. Astronauts are taking the initiative to take off their own fingernails - ow - because the gloves tend to do it anyway: "Spacewalking astronauts must constantly fight against the bulky pressurized glove to do their work -- imagine gripping a wrench while wearing skiing mittens, and you get the idea. This constant bending and flexing causes chafing, blisters and, apparently, fingernail loss."
Alaska drama: it's entirely possible that Senator Lisa Murkowski will win re-election by write-in. "She has shed her sometimes mechanical public presence and struck populist notes -- she even sang during a stump speech in Fairbanks last week. "Fill in the oval, write it on the line," the senator sang in a shaky contralto."
Your distraction for the morning: New York subway historical photos.
Your next distraction/sanity check: Jack for Congress.
We don't weigh loss and certainty in economically rational terms. "From the perspective of economics, there is no good reason to weight gains and losses so differently. Opportunity costs (foregone gains) should be treated just like "out-of-pocket costs" (losses). But they aren't - losses carry a particular emotional sting."
That's it for Tuesday. One week until Election Day.

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