AARP Cheat Sheet: Tuesday, September 28

Lake Eola View

(Orlando cityscape via Conor Keller)
Good morning. Your bloggers, Twitter masters, and Facebook ingénues are on their way to Orlando, FL, this morning and tomorrow for the annual AARP National Event. Tomorrow we'll be joined by ... oh, about 25,000 or so of AARP's members. Thursday morning, it all kicks off. Expect lots of blogging here, bits of video, anything we can get you... but don't forget that you can experience the whole thing from the comfort of your PC.
Sadly, senior hunger is a big issue in Central Florida. "My dad is 87, he's on oxygen, in a wheelchair, and he can't take care of himself anymore," Krepcho said. "But, boy, when it's dinnertime, he's there. It's the high point of his day. It's more than just a basic need." If you're attending the member event, please donate any food you might have around. We're also raising awareness of SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) which you may remember as food stamps.
AARP the Magazine's November issue is out. Highlights: Jamie Lee Curtis, Kristin Bell, and Betty White (!) discuss sex, love, and staying hot.; and while we're on the topic of women, let's talk women in politics. If you're a member, you can get the whole thing in virtual magazine form here.
Legislative roundup: Obama signs a small-business bill, meant to encourage lending; no movement on estate tax; net neutrality gets tossed around again.
We want to see this film: " The Beautiful Hills of Brooklyn." From New York's commissioner of aging, describing the film: "Life is not made up of great big events. It's an accumulation of little things that happen every day that can make or break you."
That's all. See you in Orlando tomorrow!

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