AARP Cheat Sheet: Wednesday, December 29

Photograph of de Havilland twin-engine airmail plane in snow storm

( 1920 - "In their drive to open up a transcontinental flyway, postal officials were constantly seeking better, faster aircraft for their pilots to use. When a determination was made to reconfigure the de Havilland aircraft by adding a second engine, postal officials believed they had found their airplane. The first trips were the only successful ones for this airplane. Soon reports were flooding Air Mail Service headquarters of crashes and mechanical problems with the airplanes. After a series of fatal crashes the twin de Havillands were removed from service. A fuel truck and three unidentified men are in the foreground of this airmail plane in the snow." Via the Smithsonian Institute.)
The next 21 provisions of last year's health reform bill will kick in on January 1st; most importantly, "it's the beginning of the end for the Medicare prescription-drug "doughnut hole." Next year drug makers will provide a 50% discount on brand-name medications that fall into that coverage gap. Federal subsidies for generics will also begin."
Things you may not have known: you can invest in someone else's life expectancy. Or rather, the lack of one. And this company seems to be bad at guessing when that particular due date will happen: "The investors in a $2 million policy on Mr. Aslett's life would have made a tidy return had he died as projected. But more than five years later, the rancher, now 84, says he runs on a treadmill, lifts weights and chops wood, adding that all of his grandparents lived well into their 90s."
"Love, when it truly happens, is precious at any age. It is possible at any age. And even if it is not passionate love, even if it is just the comfort of companionship and spending time with someone you respect, it is a boon to the heart, health and happiness of both partners." - Pepper Schwartz, AARP relationships expert, on Hugh Hefner's engagement to 23-year-old Crystal Harris.

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