AARP Cheat Sheet: Wednesday, January 12

reach for the bright side...

(Blaisdon, England. Via.)
Have you been to the Kansas City airport lately? No? Your local airport might soon operate a bit more like it. (This blogger is a big fan, herself.)
Neat: senior centers pairing elders up with teenagers who want to help them learn how to use their computers. "One older couple [the teen] worked with burst into tears when they received their first family photo via email-a foal born on their daughter's farm thousands of miles away."
Sign of the times: "Town officials in three rural Massachusetts communities said the Social Security Administration notified them this week that it will no longer send representatives to meet locally with seniors and answer their questions, because of security concerns following last week's deadly shooting rampage in Arizona."
Big news for some people: Verizon gets the iPhone ( with some caveats)... although we wish this lede wasn't quite so morbid: "As someone who sells urns and other products to the newly bereaved, Mary Hickey often takes phone calls from customers who need support.It's support that Hickey is glad to provide - if only her calls would quit dropping."
But while we're on the topic of funerals- there are some surprising connections between those who died in 2010. "The obituary pages can seem like a random cross section of the famous and infamous, united only by the misfortune of mortality: a chance illness, an unlucky accident...But the lives of those who died in 2010 were often connected in profound ways, both expected and surprising."
Lots of discussion about mental health following the Tucson shooting... here's a good roundup of opinions. (Yep, we're linking a roundup in a roundup. Sorry.)
Catch up, Hawaii, er, Florida: Snow is present in 49 of the 50 states.
Are you shocked that #3 on "Things I learned from Jim Cramer" is "Ignore the haters"? We're not. (PS, we just got to interview Cramer on his set... watch for that video soon.)
"Ed Jackson Jr. spends most of his waking hours toiling inside a construction trailer on a dusty lot in Southwest Washington, D.C. His job description might read as follows: 'Capture architectural lightning in a bottle, in a way that memorializes an iconic U.S. figure and effortlessly conveys his peace-loving, egalitarian ethos to millions of people.' " (On the making of the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, set to open this summer.)

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