AARP Cheat Sheet: Wednesday, November 17

Wreck of the 'Gratitude', Macquarie Island, 1911

( Wreck of the 'Gratitude', Macquarie Island, 1911. Via.)
"Physicians tend to go overboard so as not to miss a chance to save a patient's life." That's George Sledge, American Society of Oncology president, talking about the reasons why 29% of terminal cancer patients die in a hospital, not their homes.
Medicaid and Medicare quality improvement plan kicks off: "To begin the quality improvement push, a new Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation will work with physician practices in eight states to help primary-care doctors better coordinate the care their Medicare patients get throughout the medical system." Montana's governor thinks it's ridiculous that Medicaid patients pay less for federally-negotiated drugs than Medicare patients - and he's doing something about it - he "asked Tuesday for federal permission to sell cheaper prescription drugs in his state through the federal Medicaid program, a proposal he expects will catch the eye of other cash-strapped states. Gov. Brian Schweitzer, who launched his political career a decade ago by taking busloads of seniors to Canada to buy cheap drugs, said the waiver would allow Montana residents to get the drugs at about half the retail price."
Supreme Court justice Stephen Breyer has the quote of the week: "If I'm applying the First Amendment, I have to apply it to a world where there's an Internet, and there's Facebook, and there are movies like ... 'The Social Network,' which I couldn't even understand."

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