AARP Cheat Sheet: Wednesday, October 6

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Homemade Spacecraft from Luke Geissbuhler on Vimeo.

(A father and a son send a camera to the upper stratosphere.)
Surprise: We don't walk enough. Dr. David Bassett, of the University of Tennessee: "In the United States, about 90% of trips are taken by car and only 8% by walking."
Crash tests are getting much tougher: Those five-star ratings have gotten pretty common. Not anymore: "Just two models, the Hyundai Motor Co Sonata sedan and the BMW 5 series, received the highest mark -- five stars. Hyundai earned the top score after making structural and seat-belt changes to the vehicle."
The war on drugs... in nursing homes? "Last November, the pharmacy serving Mr. Lorenz's nursing home announced that it would no longer dispense certain narcotics without a written or faxed prescription from a doctor. For Mr. Lorenz, this meant a weekend of pain. The doctor at the pain clinic was not available, and the nursing home's doctor on call would not write a prescription without examining Mr. Lorenz in person."
And finally, a Nobel Prize gets handed out: "Richard Heck of the University of Delaware, Ei-ichi Negishi of Purdue University, and Akira Suzuki of Hokkaido University in Japan came up with efficient ways to link carbon atoms together. This process is important in synthesising, among other things, pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals and coatings for electronic components. The 10 million Swedish Kronor (£1m) prize will be shared equally between the three Nobel laureates."
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