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All Over Florida...

Today's dispatch from Florida AARP staff member Jeff Johnson, who continues to follow the candidates all over the state:
Martin Luther King Jr.'s holiday weekend appears to be the launch of the Florida Republican primary campaign in earnest. Till now, the only candidate actively campaigning in Florida was New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, and I lost track of how many stops his bus tour has made in the Sunshine state, but we've covered 26 in the last 11 days. Now he has company, and even in our sprawling state, it makes for some interesting intersections. This morning, Divided We Fail volunteers and staff greeted Arizona Senator John McCain at his appearance at the Versailles Restaurant, a venerable hotspot in Little Havana, before sprinting north to Miami Gardens for that town's MLK Day festivities. In Tampa, more than 300 people signed on to Divided We Fail at the Tampa Bay Black Heritage Festival. Giuliani, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney and McCain will all be in Jacksonville at some point today, and in Orlando, staff and volunteers have only three blocks to walk between a Romney appearance and a Giuliani one.

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