And away they go...

This morning Iowa is returning to her old quiet self. Huckabee and Obama exited with big wins - but there is little time to celebrate - they are now headed to the Northeast for the next major contest due to take place next Tuesday.
After massive late night parties - the reporters, pundits, campaign staff, academics, etc. are all part of a mass exodus to New Hampshire (if they didn't already head there with the candidates last night). This morning, Divided We Fail volunteers and staff were camped out at the Des Moines International Airport to bid the throngs who came to Iowa to experience the caucus farewell. We handed out healthy trail mix, Divided We Fail key-chains and little red piggy-banks to remind them of their time in Iowa (and the importance of saving for your financial future - of course). Happy Trails! We'll see you in four years.

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