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Entire Town for Sale: $1.5 Million

A whole new world - well, at least a town you can truly call your own - awaits you in Aladdin, Wyo.

Aladdin, Wyoming
For $1.5 million, you can buy the town lock, stock and barrel: 30 acres and 15 buildings, including a 118-year-old general store.

Empty-nesters Rick and Judy Brengle are selling the tiny community in far northeastern Wyoming that they bought 28 years ago.

"All our kids had gone to college, so my husband bought me a town," Judy Brengle told the Associated Press .

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Running a town is hard work, and the couple wants to take a break from sorting mail (Aladdin has its own ZIP code) and selling cigarettes or beer, among other things, seven days a week.

Though the town has no government population records, 15 people are believed to be living within its borders. It sits on a state highway midway between Wyoming's Devils Tower National Monument and Belle Forche, S.D. The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally attracts legions of biker fanatics to the area each year. 

Last year, Buford, a town in southeast Wyoming with a population of 1, was renamed PhinDeli Town after it was sold for $900,000.


Photo: Al Zaleski via Flickr


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