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Politico: SCHIP supporters storm Capitol Hill

AARP will mobilize its grass roots and PR machine, said spokesman Drew Nannis. The group's targets include House members who voted against the bill but have supported similar health care policies in the past and those who voted for the legislation but need support going forward. "When a bill has the kind of wide, bipartisan support that SCHIP has, members vote against it at their own risk," Nannis wrote in an e-mail to Politico.

Washington Post: Good Old Employers

They work at hospitals and financial services firms. They are engineers, accountants and nurses. And they have gray hair, wrinkles -- and bright career prospects. That's because they work for the 50 organizations identified by AARP, the seniors' group, as the best employers for workers age 50 and up.

Associated Press: Robots May Aid Aging Japanese Population

With nearly 22 percent of Japan's population already aged 65 or older, businesses here have been rolling out everything from easy-entry cars to remote-controlled beds, fueling a care technology market worth some $1.08 billion in 2006, according to industry figures.

USA Today: Sky's the new limit for urban living in Texas, and beyond

And demographics shifted: As baby boomers became empty nesters, their desire for convenience and fun suddenly merged with those of young professionals. Both groups are flocking to urban settings.

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