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Washington Post: Fixing the Safety Net: What It Will Take

We agree with Robert J. Samuelson's assessment ["Escaping the Budget Impasse," op-ed, Oct. 3] that Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid need to be strengthened for future generations. But he doesn't take into account the full picture, and his list of "only four" solutions ignores a more important fifth remedy -- controlling the skyrocketing costs throughout the health-care system that drive spending on these programs.

Washington Post: Moves That Save, And Parents Who Won't

In a report about the struggles of caregivers to the elderly, AARP found that about 23 percent of caregivers said their assistance was creating a financial hardship.

Wall Street Journal: Social Security Compromise

The Rahm Emanuel proposal, coming from the chairman of the House Democratic Caucus, looks like an important signal that a compromise may now be possible between Republicans and Democrats along the general lines originally proposed by President Bush.

New York Times: The American Dream In Reverse

The administration and Congress should work to avoid mass foreclosures. Meanwhile, bankruptcy reform would give borrowers a shot at keeping their homes.

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