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Marketwatch: Good work -- if you can get it

But the EEOC figures don't offer a complete picture of age bias, said Laurie McCann, a senior attorney with AARP who works on age-discrimination cases. "There are so many reasons why people may choose not to file," she said, including the fear of losing their job or being labeled a troublemaker, or the desire to simply move on.

Wall Street Journal: The Boss Says, 'Try This.'

More companies are offering workers and their families help managing their medical care, right down to adding services that arrange for doctors' second opinions and suggest specialists and hospitals.

USA Today: Social Security hits first wave of boomers

On this one issue, liberals and conservatives agree: It's an unsustainable path, it must be altered, and Democrats and Republicans must do it together. "Partisanship on this issue is as foolish as a food fight on the Titanic," says Rep. Jim Cooper, D-Tenn. Adds Rep. Frank Wolf, R-Va.: "It's not red or blue."

Wall Street Journal: Senior Play: The Graying Of Sports Medicine

Sports medicine, long geared to the needs of young athletes, is branching out to help older people remain active and athletically competitive as they age.

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