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MSNBC: First Read - The Day In Politics

If McCain is rewarded for his attention to the issue, it will prove groups like the powerful AARP/SEIU Divided We Fail organization right; they believe that health care is a crucial issue that crosses party lines, and that candidates who harness health care voters will see healthy support on caucus night.

Washington Post: On the Race to the White House, Clinton Talks More 'When' Than 'If'

When we raised the issue of Social Security, for example, we got nowhere trying to pin her down on the specifics of what she might support to deal with the retirement program's long-term solvency. Instead we got an answer that suggested she begun to calculate which battles she wants to take on in her first term and which she doesn't.

Wall Street Journal: The United States of Subprime

As America's mortgage markets began unraveling this year, economists seeking explanations pointed to "subprime" mortgages issued to low-income, minority and urban borrowers. But an analysis of more than 130 million home loans made over the past decade reveals that risky mortgages were made in nearly every corner of the nation, from small towns in the middle of nowhere to inner cities to affluent suburbs.

Los Angeles Times: Aging under a high-tech eye

Home systems using webcams and sensors are giving seniors autonomy and caregivers peace of mind.

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