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Associated Press: AARP Pushes for More 401(k) Offerings

More employers need to automatically enroll their workers in 401(k) savings plans in order to avoid a coming retirement crisis, AARP officials said Monday.

New York Times: A Health Care Bargain

Here, the politicians seem to have agreed to ignore the central question: Should American citizenship bring with it the right to have financial access to medical care?

Washington Post: What You Can Expect in Your 2008 Health Insurance Package

Financial incentives to stay well, including reduced premiums or extra cash in a health savings account for those who, for example, complete a personal health risk assessment or join a smoking cessation program.

Politico: Baby bonds would pay bipartisan dividends

But with some pundits denouncing the proposal as some hyperliberal expansion of the welfare state, it's worth noting that this idea has been simmering for some time in both Democratic and Republican policy circles.

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