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Associated Press: Smaller Social Security COLA in January

A coalition named Divided We Fail has been pressing to make entitlement reform a major issue in the presidential campaign, hoping to force candidates in both parties to address the need for changes in entitlement programs. "We want to get all of the candidates on the record and we want to let voters make up their own minds," said Jim Dau, an official with AARP, an advocacy group for people 50 and older.

Washington Post: The Unforgotten Man

A conservative case can be made for something like Clinton's proposal. It is a case for reducing the supply of government by reducing demand for it, and doing so by giving people ownership of enlarged private assets as a basis for their security. It is a case for raising the nation's deplorable saving rate and simultaneously encouraging the nation's economic literacy and temperance by giving more people a stake in equities markets.

USA Today: California health reform gets sticky

Health reform efforts in California have become increasingly divisive, possibly jeopardizing major health legislation this year and highlighting the difficulties other state or national reform efforts may face.

Washington Post: Helping Workers Where it Hurts

Car wrecks in the labor market do not take the form of unemployment. In the United States most displaced workers usually find new work reasonably quickly. Rather, the car wreck that threatens U.S. workers consists of wage loss, not job loss.

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