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Wall Street Journal: Retiring With a Mortgage? Here's What You Should Do

Even before the recent debt-driven housing boom and bust, the numbers were getting ugly. Among households headed by someone age 65 to 74, over 32% had a mortgage on their primary residence in 2004, up from less than 19% in 1992, according to the Federal Reserve.

Chicago Tribune: San Francisco launches universal health care

The plan, which began in pilot form in July and expanded citywide this week, is the first attempt by a U.S. city to tackle the health care crisis on its own, albeit with the assistance of state and federal funds.

Chicago Tribune: 'An incredibly bleak picture'

As developmentally disabled Baby Boomers live longer, their long-term care becomes a burden for their aging family members.

Marketwatch: Limit your risk of identity theft

Identity theft strikes nearly 10 million Americans each year, says a 2003 study by the Federal Trade Commission. While there's no way to guarantee that you won't become one of the victims, you can minimize your risk by following these six simple rules.

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