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Marketwatch: U.S. House Fails To Override Children's Insurance Veto

Bill Novelli, chief executive of AARP, echoed Reid's comments. "In a time when health care is at the top of the national agenda, a small group of lawmakers have actually voted to add to the 47 million Americans living without health insurance," he said. "No child deserves that."

Associated Press: McCain Rules Out Independent Bid

''The problem with health care in America is not the quality, it's the cost,'' he told a crowded auditorium of mostly students and employees. ''More and more Americans are without insurance because they can't afford it. So our job, in my view, is to make it affordable and available, not to have a big government single-payer system.''

Chicago Tribune: This senior class grayer, and still hungry to learn

Call it the graying of community colleges. With more free time on their hands, more retirees, many in their 70s or older, are finding their way back to the classroom. Community colleges are creating or expanding special programs to meet their needs, offering courses on everything from the Crusades to square dancing.

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