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Associated Press: Bill Makes Do Not Call Listings Forever

David Certner, legal policy director at AARP, says many people don't know about the need to re-register every five years. So the legislation, he says, is important. "People don't want these unwanted calls," Certner said. "For an older person, sometimes it's more than just a bother. It can be a great inconvenience to try to get to a phone only to find out it's simply a call you don't want to receive in the first place."

Associated Press: Boomers Buying Long-Term Care Coverage

Average Age of People Buying Long-Term Care Benefits Falls Below 60 Years for the First Time

Associated Press: Bush Balks at Revised Child Health Bill

President Bush told Republican lawmakers on Tuesday he will not agree to legislation expanding children's health insurance if it includes a tobacco tax increase, a decision that virtually ensures a renewed veto struggle with the Democratic-controlled Congress.

The Hill: Physician groups seek quicker action on Medicare payment fix

Lobbyists for physician interests are growing increasingly anxious that Congress won't act fast enough to prevent a 10 percent cut in doctors' Medicare fees in 2008.

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