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Politico: SCHIP survivors try to avoid budget axe

Drew Nannis, an AARP spokesman, said in an e-mail that his group would rather see the billions that go to the private plans redirected to lower premiums and ensure access to doctors for traditional Medicare's 36 million patients. Medicare Advantage plans serve about 8 million additional people.

BusinessWeek: Roll With the Changes

The years leading up to retirement are full of challenges, but some smart planning and financial discipline can smooth the way for baby boomers.

USA Today: Vermont tops rankings of healthy states

The nation's overall health improved annually during the 1990s, but it declined in the first half of this decade and has stagnated since. Reed Tuckson, a foundation board member, says there has been an overall decline because more Americans live with preventable chronic diseases in an "extremely expensive" health care system.

BusinessWeek: Beckoning Boomers to the Web

Boomers represent a huge market, and more than 65% of Americans between the ages of 50 and 70 use the Internet.

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