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CNN Political Ticker: AARP members: health care, financial issues are crucial

The AARP released a poll of their South Carolina members Monday, finding that health care and financial security are the top two domestic issues for Democratic and Republican voters over the age of 50.

New York Times: A Model for Health Care That Pays for Quality

Seeing low fees for family doctors as a weak link in the nation's health care system, some big employers and health insurers are seeking new ways to pay doctors to reward high-quality medical care.

Wall Street Journal: House Panel Clears Bill On Lending

The House Financial Services Committee, working to address problems in the mortgage markets, passed a bill with broad support that would overhaul the way loans are offered, securitized and regulated.

The Hill: Electronic-prescription Medicare provision gets push from groups

Supporters of legislation to require doctors who treat Medicare patients to use electronic prescriptions are planning a full-court press as the legislative year winds down.

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