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Workforce Management: AARP study finds most employees interested in IRA accounts

Seventy-one percent of workers without access to an employer-based retirement plan believe that employers should be required by law to offer workplace access to an individual retirement account, according to a study released today. The study, from AARP, found that 79 percent of workers without workplace access to savings said they would participate in a plan that regularly deducted savings from their paycheck.

Associated Press: Democrats Say They Are Nearing Veto-Proof SCHIP Compromise

Congressional negotiators said Tuesday they were nearing agreement on a revised children's health bill that they believed would withstand President Bush's veto. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said "that an accord might be difficult because the Republican participants did not include party leaders, and overriding a Bush veto is 'a tough vote' for GOP lawmakers." The "health insurance bill" is "virtually certain" to contain a "tobacco tax increase" which Bush has "promised" will entail a veto.

Washington Post: Obama Unveils Major Benefits Expansion

Barack Obama, bidding to strengthen his appeal among working families, outlined new proposals Wednesday designed to...encourage retirement savings, and help people balance the competing demands of work and family.

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