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Chicago Tribune: Aging in place highly rated

A slew of surveys confirm that most people age in place, and that's what they want. But a growing percentage of older people are moving to age-restricted buildings for a variety of reasons, a new study shows.

Chicago Tribune: Gradual retirement may not be key to happiness

With more than 70 million Baby Boomers moving closer to retirement age, about 80 percent say they plan to work at least part-time after retiring, according to AARP, which has surveyed Boomers extensively.

Los Angeles Times: Linking health plan to economy

Gov. Schwarzenegger argues that fixing the healthcare system would ease state budget woes, but legislators, analysts aren't so sure.

New York Times: In Search of Savers: 401(k) Rules Are Changing

NEW 401(k) regulations that take effect next month will sharply alter the rules of the game - at least for some employees.

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