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Marketwatch: Top 25 places for retirement jobs evaluates employers against 35 "best practice" factors known to be present at employers eager to recruit and retain age 50-plus workers. ( has a list of age-friendly certified employers at this Web site and AARP has a list of the 2007 List of Best Employers for Workers Age 50+ at this Web site.)

Wall Street Journal: Making the Most of Benefits

It's that time of year again: open-enrollment season. Some people consider having to make decisions about their employee benefits a minor annoyance, but I look at it as an opportunity to review how well I'm managing my out-of-pocket costs for health care, dependent care and commuting.

Chicago Tribune: Charities are counting on Boomers passing the bucks

You can't take it with you, they say. Charities everywhere are counting on that as they avidly eye the enormous amount of wealth Baby Boomers could leave behind when they head to their final reward.

Politico: Republicans complain about SCHIP shutout

The debate over the State Children's Health Insurance Program has publicly quieted, but behind the scenes Democrats and Republicans have been negotiating for weeks.

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