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Wall Street Journal: House Passes Bill Curbing Mortgage Brokers

The House passed legislation to give more protection to home-mortgage borrowers, but deadlocks in the Senate make it unlikely that such a measure can be enacted into law before next year, in the latest sign Congress is struggling to address the nation's mortgage crisis.

Washington Post: Democratic Contenders Step Up Attacks in Debate

Toward the end of the debate, Obama and Clinton got into another argument over Social Security. Obama, in response to a voter's question about looming retirements in the baby-boom generation, said he would consider raising the amount of wages that are subject to payroll taxes, currently $97,500. Clinton has said she would not propose any specific ideas for Social Security other than restoring fiscal discipline to the federal budget.

Washington Post: Two Cheers for Mr. Thompson

His Social Security plan isn't perfect, but it confronts reality.

Wall Street Journal: How U.S. Health System Can Fail Even the Insured

Polls show that health care has become Americans' No. 1 domestic concern, thrusting it to the center of the presidential campaign. Every major candidate has introduced a health-care reform plan. But for the most part, these plans focus on providing coverage to the 45 million uninsured or reining in medical costs. They do little to address the myriad hurdles insured patients often encounter when they seek care.

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