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Wall Street Journal: The Baby Boomer's Guide To Social Security

Starting in January, the first of an estimated 78 million baby boomers turn 62 years old and become eligible for Social Security.

Washington Post: Dodging the Third Rail

Barack Obama is only partly acknowledging reality on Social Security.

Wall Street Journal: Health-Care Plans Aid Industry

Democratic presidential candidates like to beat up on insurance companies, but there is a lot for the industry to like in their health-care plans -- starting with plenty of new business.

New York Times: It's Not Just the Uninsured

The tedious, hair-splitting debates over health care that we're getting from the presidential candidates - those who talk about health care at all - seem out of sync with the enormity of the problem. For families without the protection of health insurance, the devastating combination of serious illness and imminent financial ruin can be absolutely mind-numbing, stunning in its tragic intensity.

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