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AP: Five Democrats discuss health care in IA

Five Democratic presidential candidates pledged during an AARP forum Thursday night to spend more on health care and bolster retirement programs crucial to politically potent seniors.

Washington Post: Veto Threat Angers Republicans

But members of both parties countered that it is the president who is putting children's health in jeopardy. They said most Americans, including many GOP governors and groups such as AARP, support the expansion of the program's enrollment to about 10 million children from 6.6 million now.

Wall Street Journal: Gloomy About Republicans, Gingrich Still Might Run

McCain plans to roll out "comprehensive approach" on Oct. 11, including changes in tax code, regulations and government programs. Though weeks away from presenting his version, Thompson is expected to propose tax breaks for small businesses and individuals to buy insurance. Echoing Giuliani, Thompson would let consumers buy insurance across state lines in search of best deal. "Health care's never been prominent in a Republican primary like it is this year," says a Thompson aide, noting increased business interest.

Politico: Clinton: I'm not what you think

She went on: "There are some issues, like privatizing Social Security, that are not going to go anywhere when I am president. But looking for ways we can enhance retirement security, protect Social Security, that is absolutely open for debate and discussion."

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