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New York Times: Strategies to Avoid Medicare's Big Hole

A recent AARP survey found that among Medicare beneficiaries who reached the doughnut hole, 15 percent decided not to fill a prescription.

Marketwatch: Youth movement

AARP and the American Council on Exercise have teamed up to supply older Americans with information about personal training services, since research suggests that older people work out more frequently when pushed by trainers.

New York Times: Peace Corps Looks for Older Volunteers

The focus on the age group has meant new recruitment methods: contacting organizations like AARP and retired teachers' associations, and employing older former volunteers to work in nearly every recruiting office. The Peace Corps has aimed for 15 percent of its volunteers to be at least 50 by 2009.

Associated Press: Social Security to Become Key Issue

With the notable exception of former Sen. Fred Thompson, a Republican, presidential hopefuls in both parties shy away from suggestions that might offend their own primary voters. As a result, bipartisan commissions to resolve the program's long-term financial problems are in. And longer waits for retirement are most definitely out.

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