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Associated Press: Clinton Touts Health Insurance Plan

Insurance companies should face the same kind of federal regulation as firms that sell stocks and bonds, Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton said Monday as she outlined her health care plan to voters around a dining room table.

Politico: Young and uninsured turn to ... Facebook

His is one of more than 20 groups on Facebook dedicated to advocating expanded government health coverage, and many of them have hundreds of members.

New York Times: Justices Consider a Loss in a 401(k) Plan

For the tens of millions of Americans whose financial security in retirement depends on their 401(k) plans, the question before the Supreme Court on Monday was highly pertinent: If the employer, or its agent, mishandles an individual account, can the employee sue to recover the losses?

USA Today: Foreclosures to have 'profound' impact, report warns

Mounting home foreclosures will have "profound" effects on the economy next year, reducing job growth, bleeding billions of dollars in tax revenues and hitting consumer spending - but shouldn't push the country into a recession, according to a report Tuesday.

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