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USA Today: Tech giants target older buyers - and their cash

Also, they are willing to try new products and services, says AARP CEO Bill Novelli. "The stereotype is that older people won't change brands, that they're too brand loyal, but there's lots of research that shows that's a myth."

Politico: Thompson takes on D.C. expectations

Now, the former Tennessee senator-turned-actor is making reform of Social Security and Medicare - the kind of issues presidential candidates typically avoid like the plague - major campaign topics as he seeks the Republican nomination. Although some might consider that courageous, the conventional wisdom, at least inside the Beltway, is that this is akin to committing political suicide. It will put a big, bright target on his back.

Politico: GOP debate misses the mark

One of those woes, by the way, is not a lack of affordable, dependable, effective health insurance that you can retain for life. Americans must already have that. Because not a single question was asked about it in the entire two hour-plus debate.

Associated Press: Government Report Says ID Theft Down

Consumer advocates are not convinced the Federal Trade Commission numbers are accurate, though they do agree on a key point highlighted in a footnote of the agency's report: the difficulty in coming up with a reliable assessment of the problem.

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