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Wall Street Journal: Starting Up: Older, Wiser Entrepreneurs

Mature business owners tend to walk into a venture with a full rolodex and 20 or 30 years of experience working in various capacities, says Deborah Russell, director of work-force issues at AARP, the Washington advocacy group for adults 50 and older.

Wall Street Journal: Which Democrat's Health Plan Really, Truly Covers More People?

While the leading Democratic presidential candidates agree on most policy issues, a sharp dispute has emerged: Who would do more to provide health coverage for the uninsured?

The Hill: Paulson to brief House GOP on housing plan

Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson will attend the weekly meeting of the House Republican Conference Wednesday to explain and urge support for a new Bush administration plan to provide mortgage relief for millions of Americans.

New York Times: Considering the Urban Planet of 2050

What does New York City have in common with cities in Africa and Asia, like Mumbai, Seoul, Jakarta, Lagos, Cairo and Kinshasa? Population growth, aging and environmental pressures will transform these metropolises by 2050, according to a panel of experts who took up the issue of "sustainable cities" at a panel discussion.

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