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BusinessWeek: Timing Your Social Security Benefits

For retirees with additional income-generating assets, finding the right time to start drawing benefits is the first step to getting the most out of Social Security.

Los Angeles Times: Union boss acts locally, thinks globally

It's impossible to imagine how America is the only country on Earth that puts the price of healthcare on the cost of its products. It's just a stupid economic plan for the country.

Associated Press: Bush Announces Mortgage Rate Freeze Plan

The Bush administration offered hope to beleaguered homeowners Thursday with a five-year freeze in loan rates for those who qualify, even as the number of bad mortgages jumped to the highest level ever.

BusinessWeek: Helping Boomers Give Their Best

We know from surveys that a significant percentage of boomers is already thinking about working in an area of the social sector. Our challenge is to take all of those people and get them jobs.

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