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Associated Press: Analysis: Huckabee's Spotlight Heats Up

Huckabee later told about 150 people at an AARP forum on health care that America must have a model that prevents illness rather than treats it. "We wait until people are catastrophically ill," he said. "Do you build a fence at the top of the cliff or do you park an ambulance at the bottom."

Associated Press: Today on the Presidential Campaign Trail

Asked about her stance at an AARP-Divided We Fail lunch on health and financial security, Edwards told seniors: "If you want to be president of the United States, you should lead. Leadership means taking clear, strong positions for the American people. ... I've said very clearly what I would do, not said I'm going to wait and figure this out later."

Washington Post: Drive to Keep Going

A substantial number of older Americans already have difficulty getting where they need to go because they no longer drive. This is true even in areas with a host of transportation options, experts said. "We have data that show people are stranded," said Elinor Ginzler, AARP's director for livable communities.

New York Times: Social Security Disability Cases Last Longer as Backlog Rises

Steadily lengthening delays in the resolution of Social Security disability claims have left hundreds of thousands of people in a kind of purgatory, now waiting as long as three years for a decision.

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