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Gannett: Age discrimination law turns 40

Rother discusses the impact of the act, which turns 40 years old this month.

Washington Post: How to Hop Off the Fast Track

"You are not alone," said Deborah Russell, director for workforce issues at AARP, the seniors' organization. She said AARP's surveys of workers 50 and older indicate that many baby boomers plan to work past traditional retirement age -- but they do want to work differently, just as you do.

US News & World Report: How to Spend Enough in Retirement

"People are so concerned about outliving their nest eggs that they will skimp on certain expenses," says Jean Setzfand, director of AARP's economic issues agenda.

Los Angeles Times: Gov., Nuñez forge a health plan

After nearly a year of often tortuous negotiations, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Assembly Speaker Fabian Nuñez have settled on a plan to extend health insurance to 3.6 million Californians who lack it through a new tax on all employers and tobacco sales, officials said Friday.

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