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Boston Globe: Out-of-pocket elder expenses strain caregivers' finances, lives

"There is a financial toll taken because you're not in a position of choice, you're in a position of need," says Elinor Ginzler, AARP's director of livable communities and the coauthor of Caring for Your Parents: The Complete AARP Guide. "You're also physically and emotionally spent. You're not a good consumer."

Cox: Developers awarded for age-friendly home designs

Nine out of 10 Americans who are 50 and older say they hope to stay in their current homes and communities as they age, according to the AARP, the nation's largest organization for that age group. For this reason, builders and developers have been incorporating "universal design" features into their plans, such as step-free entryways, extra-wide hallways and showers, and bend-free kitchens.

New York Times: California Moves Toward Universal Health Care

California moved significantly closer to enacting a broad expansion of health insurance coverage Monday when the Democratic-controlled Assembly passed legislation that has the backing of the Republican governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Wall Street Journal: Bush Touts Plan for Crises

President Bush and Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson began a full-court press to make the administration's case that it has the housing and credit situations well in hand.

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