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Associated Press: Doctors Get Reprieve on Medicare Cut

The AARP described the short-term fix for doctors as woefully inadequate. "Enactment of this legislation does little to protect millions of Medicare beneficiaries from higher monthly premiums and only temporarily averts the problems beneficiaries would face finding a physician if payment cuts take place," said David Sloane, AARP's director of government relations.

Wall Street Journal: California Takes Fiscal-Stress Test

California's projected budget shortfall during the next two years is precipitated in part by the subprime-mortgage collapse, which is also wreaking havoc in other states as borrowers default or curb their spending to cope with higher rates on adjustable-rate loans.

Los Angeles Times: Fed looks to rein in lenders

Proposed mortgage rules include greater disclosure. Consumer advocates say the steps won't halt bad loans.

Associated Press: Child Health Plan to Be Expanded

Under an agreement to be unveiled on Wednesday, New Jersey will offer low-cost health coverage for the children of families who lack insurance but who earn too much for government help.

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