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Wall Street Journal: Adviser Alert

Many of the more than 50 titles that imply expertise in advising seniors or retirees reflect training that shows advisers "how to sell to this market" rather than how to help clients, says Jean Setzfand, director of financial security for AARP, the Washington-based advocacy group for people 50 years old and older.

New York Times: No Insurance, Poor Health

The case for providing health coverage for all Americans got even more compelling in the past week when two new studies presented the most comprehensive evidence yet that the lack of health insurance is seriously harmful to a patient's health. The studies found that uninsured people suffer significantly worse outcomes from cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer than those who have coverage.

Wall Street Journal: The Seinfeld Campaign

Finally, there's Social Security and Medicare. Mr. Bush's failed effort to reform Social Security in 2005 appears to have cooled not only interest in coping with rising entitlement costs, but also any interest in seriously discussing the issue in the campaign.

New York Times: Iraq War Taking Back Seat to Domestic Issues

The shift suggests that economic anxiety may be at least matching national security as a factor driving the 2008 presidential contest as the voting begins.

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