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New York Times: Six Decades at the Center of Attention, and Counting

"We work to dramatically change the perception of what is old by focusing on ageless realities," said Emilio Pardo, chief brand officer for AARP, formerly the American Association of Retired Persons. "Life is based on someone's needs, not how many years they've lived. We emphasize the idea of ageless aging."

Time: The Boomers Hit 62

You've heard about the pending retirement of the boomers before, of course. You've also heard that Social Security faces some big funding problems. The two have less to do with each other than you might think.

Wall Street Journal: The Market Braces for the Boomers

If the baby boomers stop working, they ask, who will produce the goods and services to keep the economy growing? If they stop earning, who will pay taxes to fund their Social Security and Medicare checks? And if they sell off stocks and bonds to finance their golden years, who will buy?

BusinessWeek: To Retire Or Not to Retire?

This year is a demographic watershed, a critical juncture for both individuals and employers. This is the year the first Boomers are officially eligible to retire.

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