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Associated Press: Market widens for senior-friendly homes

"CAPS," as they are known, include many contractors and architects who work with families to assess risks in the home. The CAPS designation was created several years ago by the National Association of Home Builders and AARP.

Washington Post: Sen. Clinton's Empty Table

Because Social Security increases are pegged to wages, rather than inflation, economic growth alone won't solve the problem. Fiscal responsibility first is fine; fiscal responsibility only is an irresponsible dodge, as Ms. Clinton well knows.

Washington Post: Taxes, Health Lead Hill Agenda

Out of a political stalemate over Iraq, domestic policy is surging to prominence on Capitol Hill, with Republicans and Democrats preparing for a time-honored clash over health care, tax policy, the scope of government and its role in America's problems at home.

Los Angeles Times: Candidates go Code Blue on healthcare

The task is eased by the fact that the two political parties have largely converged on distinct diagnoses of what the system's problems are and what reform would look like.

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