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Washington Post: Escaping the Budget Impasse

A combination of these plans might work best. A 20-member group would be manageable and should include four outsiders to provide different perspectives and, possibly, to build public support. Perhaps the head of AARP should be included. And it would be a mistake to present the next president with a take-it-or-leave-it package. The Cooper-Wolf plan would allow a new administration to make changes -- and get credit -- without being able to start from scratch.

USA Today: Community colleges take lead in retraining retirees

About 79% of baby boomers plan to pursue some kind of work after the traditional retirement age of 65, a survey by the AARP shows.

Los Angeles Times: Healthy living could save U.S. $1 trillion, study finds

The rapid rise in preventable chronic diseases -- such as obesity and heart disease -- over the last 20 years is hurting U.S. economic productivity, escalating treatment costs and causing unnecessary suffering, a new report says.

USA Today: Tightrope: Retirement's ripe for entrepreneur plans

You are not off-base to think about continuing to work, as long as you strike a balance between work and leisure. And you should be working toward balancing work and leisure in your current position. According to the study, Boomers don't want full-time leisure or full-time work.

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