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Washington Post: Rivals Not Able to Confront Key Challenges, McCain Says

As part of that bipartisan agenda, McCain promised to tackle Social Security and Medicare, saying he would convene "a commission composed of respected people" to propose how to fix the two entitlement programs.

Washington Post: Krugman vs. Krugman

The argument has two equally dishonest components. The first is to deny that Social Security faces a daunting financing problem -- one that will be much easier to fix (and less onerous for the low-income retirees that the head-in-the-sanders purport to care about) sooner rather than later. The second is to mischaracterize the arguments of those who advocate responsible action, accusing them of hyping the system's woes.

BusinessWeek: Personal Business -- Plus

The IRS has quietly posted a notice on its Web site that requires 401(k) plans, starting on Jan. 1, to allow children, siblings, unmarried partners, and other "nonspouse" beneficiaries to transfer 401(k) inheritances to an individual retirement account.

Washington Post: In a Role Reversal, the Older Generation Tests the Limits

Traditional family rules and rituals are being turned upside down. But it's not the young who are defying social conventions; it's the old folks who are behaving like young people.

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