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In the Spotlight: Divided We Fail Profile on NH State Coordinator, Steve Griffin

The Divided We Fail initiative couldn't be possible without the hard work of our state coordinators, who spend tireless hours each week to get the word out about this cause. We'd like to extend our sincerest thanks to all of them, for helping to make the goals of affordable health care and long-term financial security attainable. This week, we'd like to recognize Steve Griffin, the Divided We Fail New Hampshire State Coordinator, in particular, for his stellar work supporting DWF.
Steve recently coordinated a group of 15 volunteers at a Rochester, New Hampshire Town Hall meeting, where Arizona Senator and presidential candidate, John McCain, recognized AARP's healthcare effort, saying that DWF was doing "a tremendous job." Senator McCain reached out to Steve specifically, and asked him to give a 60 second spiel about Divided We Fail.
After letting the crowd know about all the supporters in the audience, who proudly donned their DWF red hats and shirts, Steve turned the speech back over to McCain. The Senator referenced when he and Huckabee had gone on stage together in Iowa at a Divided We Fail event, and he stated that he thought this was one of the most productive conversations he'd had, as it allowed the voters to compare the candidates and issues.
Read the full transcript of McCain's speech on or watch the video footage of Steve here.
Thanks again Steve! Keep up the good work for Divided We Fail.

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