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Miami Herald / McClatchy: GOP's Thompson stays course on Fla. tour

And though he touched on virtually every theme, it wasn't enough for 54-year-old Linda Ostroski, a volunteer with . . . "Divided We Fall" effort who was unable to ask the candidate what his plan was for lowering healthcare costs and helping more people get health insurance. "It would have been helpful for him to address the one issue that plagues everyone in this country," she said after his Jacksonville speech.

New York Times: San Francisco to Offer Care for Every Uninsured Adult

The initiative, known as Healthy San Francisco, is the first effort by a locality to guarantee care to all of its uninsured, and it represents the latest attempt by state and local governments to patch a inadequate federal system.

CNN / Money Magazine: Forever young

Boomers are imagining the American dream all over again, a new Money Magazine survey reveals. Topping the agenda: closer relationships and more fun. And, oh yeah, they want to change the world.

Washington Post: Still Working After All These Years

The trend is national: From 2000 to 2006, the proportion of the nation's 65- to 74-year-olds who remained in the labor force increased from nearly one in five to one in four, according to census figures released this week.

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