It's Getting Nicer Round Here

Some of you may have noticed our new layout and design, which is just a start for the new The site relaunches with social networking and daily news from the AARP Bulletin. The new online social network is geared towards the 50 plus folks and has lots of good ways to connect, including more than 500 groups ranging from the Dodgers to dog lovers.
AARP Bulletin Today will offer daily news and exclusive features, including Scam Alert, Save a Buck, Outrage of the Week, Ask the Experts, What I Really Know, Health Discoveries, Myth Busters, Ask Ms. Medicare, and Campaign Watch. That's not the only thing - the site will also deliver breaking news specifically on 50+ issues, from hundreds of top news sources.
There are 24 million AARP members online (including you), a chunk of the more than 82 million boomers who are out there instant messaging, reading blogs, and even paying bills and downloading movies and music.

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