Keeping Sex A Priority As You Age


We were thrilled to have the great sexpert Dr. Laura Berman speak at our AARP Life@50+ member event in D.C. last week, and thought we'd spread the love online. has a great article featuring Dr. Berman answering 10 questions to help make love and sex better as you age. Some of the good doctor's wise words on keeping a happy and healthy sex life:

Making it a priority! Too often older people think that great sex is no longer possible...but it is! People can have great sex lives no matter what their ages, as long as they are willing to commit to making it important in their lives.

I second that! The idea that sex isn't for older folks is just bogus; as she also mentions in the article, the older you are, the better sex can potentially be because of increased comfort with yourself and more experience. After all, practice does make perfect!
For more info about the lovely Dr. Laura and her books (one was a New York Times bestseller!), check out her bio.

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