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One Small Act Can Make a Big Difference

"I wish I was, what I was, when I wished I was, what I am now......"

My father had this quote attached to a file cabinet in his office. I remember reading it time and time again and thinking, what does that mean? One day I asked him to explain it to me. He said, "Well, when you become an adult, it means you will look back to the time when you were a child and go wow now that I am a teacher or a lawyer, I wish I were that child again and not the adult I am."

I'm not sure how old I was when we had this conversation, but I thought he was crazy. I couldn't wait to be a successful, contributing member of society, a real adult. Well, I think I am "almost" grown up now and never did I dream this is the path my life would take me. This was not the plan; it was not on our agenda; we didn't save for it nor did we ever imagine it. This can be said about not only a good lot in life but a bad one as well.


For most of us, life's path is rarely straight; it has many curves and hills and blind spots (no pun intended!) but that is what makes us the individuals we are. There are so many people who need a hand up in these uncertain times in which we are living; they just need a little extra push, maybe just a kind word or polite gesture.  The task of helping others seems very daunting to many, and the truth is we are all capable of doing something to change someone's life. We have adult strength now. Many of you have free time due to retirement; by the way, free time is extremely overrated! Giving of your time and you, yourself, will change a life forever.

AARP and Create the Good is about giving that extra push, that hand up, that simple act of being there for the ones who needs help and direction.

People ask me daily, "What can I do?  I can't make a difference in someone's life.  I'm just one person in this big world. Nothing I do will really make a difference."

Well, ladies and gentlemen, here's a news flash: YOU may be the whole world to someone so we are going to dig deep over the next few weeks and start leaving footprints that say, "Hey look, I've been here; I've made a difference." Trust me, it is a great feeling, and we want you to experience it starting right now! Our simple act of kindness was just turning the car around, piece of cake!

What simple act can you do today?

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