Morning AARP: Kids These Days - And Their Fedoras


(via alyceobvious)
Blame that Mad Men show. Blame the circle of life. Whatever it is, hats - fedoras, big floppy beach hats, berets, even - are coming back into style in the younger generations. But whose etiquette do they follow?
"Hector Ramirez sort of knows, from watching old movies, that men are supposed to take off their hats when indoors. But the 19-year-old Brown University student wears fedoras in class--with jeans--anyway."

Oh, kids these days.
In your morning headlines: Primaries across the America wrapped up last night with no big surprises; the Fed moves to protect a slower-than-we-thought economic recovery; sadly, former U.S. Senator Ted Stevens is confirmed dead after a tragic plane crash; and in news that I did a little cheer for, Netflix is dramatically expanding their instant-streaming library.
That's all I got. Happy Wednesday, and keep your hat on. (Except when the national anthem plays. That's a non-negotiable, kids.)

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