Morning AARP: Slow Motion

All That Racquet

(via B Tal)
Do yourself a favor, and take a minute to watch the New York Times' stunning video of high-powered women tennis players in slow motion. Besides making me feel terribly out of shape, it's a beautiful rendition of what the human body can do. I started watching a few seconds and had to watch it all.
Morning headlines, not as pretty: "The message the insurgents want to deliver to the Iraqi people and the politicians is that we exist, and we choose the time and place..." as 51 people die in coordinated attacks all over Iraq. That August 31 deadline for US troops to be out? Not looking so likely. The Alaska primary between Palin-endorsed Joe Miller and incumbent Sen. Murkowski isn't looking so good for Murkowski.... razor-thin results mean we won't know for at least two weeks. Interesting side note: immigrants feel much less pressure to Anglicize their names these days.
Happy Thursday. It's almost the weekend....

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