Morning Mashup: Exit Interview Edition


(Photo: Larry King's wax statue at Madame Tussauds, Washington, DC. Via lman1138.)
Morning, everyone - and happy Friday.
Larry King gives Forbes an exit interview.

The nicest thing I hear now is from people who think I'm retired, which I'm not because I'm going to do other things, yelling out, "Don't retire!' 'Please don't retire!" Derek Jeter came over to me at the All-Star Game [Tuesday night] and said, "There's a lot of talk, but you are a true legend." That was a thrill to hear that from a captain of the Yankees. It also means you're old. There is no such thing as a young legend.

Morning news roundup: Financial regulatory reform passes; BP says they've got that oil spill under control; DC gets shaken by a minor earthquake.
Bonus: How one couple figured out the secret behind the Price is Right.

"In person, the set looks less like an American institution -- home to the longest-running game show in history -- and more like a traveling carnival that can be torn apart in minutes."

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