Morning Mashup: Remember Rembrandt Edition


Today would be Rembrandt's 404th birthday. You heard it here first.
Morning news roundup: The equipment that should be stopping the BP leak has developed its own leak... Apple iPhone 4 recall rumors get louder after Apple announces press conference... the Affordable Care Act will require insurers to cover free preventative care starting in September... and the French seem to know the trick to aging well. Money quote: "Mind over makeup."
This morning's must-read: a doctor retires after 63 years of practice. He's 89 - or he could be 90 - or he could be 92 - it's a little fuzzy.

"Segal was out and about the other day when someone stopped him, the way someone always does. "Dr. Segal! How are you? Have you retired?" "No," said Segal, "I need to keep practicing until I get it right." "You took care of my baby for me." "Wonderful. How old is your baby now?" "He's 58." Segal laughed when he recounted this story. But, then, Segal laughs a lot. Maybe that's how he practiced medicine for more than six decades. Because he found pleasure in his work. So many people are in a hurry to retire so they can start having fun. Segal never understood the reason to wait."

Happy Thursday, everyone.

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