AARP Morning Mashup: Bastille Day and Baseball

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Happy Bastille Day!
Did you watch the All-Star game last night? Here's highlights from an emotional game after longtime Yankees owner George Steinbrenner passed.
This clear-eyed remembrance from a former Yankee bat boy is a must-read:

"Boss," I blurted. "I'm Matt, the bat boy you gave the scholarship to, to Williams. I just wanted to thank you." He stopped and reached out and gripped my shoulders tightly with both hands. "I never could have gotten in there today," he told me. After a moment he slapped me on the back and walked away.

Top of the news: BP hits pause on drilling that relief well; Alzheimer's diagnosis might expand; Gulf spill " altering food web"; the White House says the stimulus saved 3 million jobs.
Finally: We all joke about how some people are "cat people", and others are "dog people" - as it turns out, there might be something to that.

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